Rent a bike in Cairo

Unlock and ride a bike using your Subscription in Downtown and Zamalek (soon).

Find the nearest station

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How it works

Rent A Bike

Open the Donkey Republic app to see pick-up locations,and rent it with your phone

Unlock with your phone

Connect to the lock via Bluetooth to lock and unlock your Donkey whenever you make a stop

Ride and keep the bike

Short or long rentals.Lock and unlock your bikeas much as you like

Return at the end

the Donkey to an available drop-off ocation, end your rental in the appWhen you are done riding, bring


  • Each time you rent a Donkey with an active¬†Daily Rider¬†membership, you get the¬†first 2 hours per day at no extra cost. These 2 hours can be used for multiple rentals. If you choose to keep the same Donkey on the current rental for longer than 2 hours, then please be aware that a discounted rate is charged for any additional time, per rental per day. This means that¬†your rental automatically extends at a fixed low cost when your included free time expires.
  • The monthly fee and the price per rental per day can be found in the app and will be charged in your local currency.
  • Please note that this membership¬†only applies for non-electric bikes. The membership can be used in¬†all 50+ Donkey cities and it also includes¬†theft insurance.
  • The membership¬†renews automatically each month¬†and can be cancelled at any time in the membership section of the app when you have chosen the 1 month membership plan.
  • If you choose the¬†1 month membership,¬†where you can cancel anytime,¬†a set up fee¬†is included and is non-refundable. This is different from the¬†3 month membership plan, where there is a binding period of 3 month. Cancelling the membership will not immediately stop the membership, you will still be able to use your membership until the end of the prepaid period (30 days after the last payment, or in case of the 3 months minimum duration, at the end of these 3 months), even if you cancel your membership.

  • Cairo bike memberships¬†are finally here!
  • (Please note that the memberships will only be available in certain places, if these memberships are available you can find them while using the steps below)
  • They work much like normal¬†memberships¬†but have a few different features. Here is a step-by-step guide on how to use them:
  • 1. Go to the¬†become a member¬†section.
  • 2. You can choose a bike membership¬†there.¬†
  • 3. The memberships usually offer unlimited pedal rides, combined with a¬†limited number of bike rides. This information is displayed at the top of the right-side menu, together with the usual wallet info, etc
  • 4. There is now a new extra information button (small ‚Äėi‚Äô to the top right of the right-side menu, as seen above), which indicates¬†when the membership ends.